A little extra wedding magic

Sparklers for Weddings

Sparklers for Weddings – A New Tradition

Around the world a wedding is considered a binding contract between two people celebrated by family and friends in traditional ways.  Many wedding traditions are echoes of the past and have significant meaning.   Today, many of us have forgotten the original reason for the tradition, but we enjoy the familiarity of the ritual.

As you plan the wedding of your dreams, perhaps you are thinking of creating a new family tradition which can be handed down to your children and their children. Wedding sparklers are a new way to celebrate and to make a wedding more memorable by adding warmth to the event.  Wedding sparklers enhance the occasion by adding glow and beauty and they represent the appreciation of love already generated by your celebration.

Sparklers for Wedding Favors

Sparklers for Weddings will add extra elegance and charm to this magical moment. They are easy to remember, transport and use. Simply give wedding sparklers to guests to use as they wait to greet the bride and groom at the end of the aisle.  Sparklers for wedding favors can also be used as guests send off the couple with well wishes at the end of the wedding reception.

For your new tradition and a memory that will never be forgotten, we suggest our #20 Gold Wedding Sparklers or try the #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers.  These sparklers produce a beautiful shower of shiny gold sparks that reflect light as they flicker in the air. The beauty and brilliant shine produced by these gold wedding sparklers will also make an elegant and magical background for wonderful keepsake photographs.