Wedding popper send off

Wedding Reception Favors

Wedding Reception Favors are Something Special to Share at Your Wedding.


A wedding reception is a time of pure celebration and happiness. It is the event that celebrates the beginning of a love that will be shared between two people over their lifetime. A wedding reception is always treasured and remembered as one of the most important events in ones life.

One of the easiest ways to help celebrate is by using wedding reception party favors. Novelty fireworks like sparklers, champagne  wedding poppers and pop pop snappers can brighten up any reception and help create an exciting feeling for the newlyweds and guests. They are safe to use, look wonderful for pictures, and add to the beauty of the event.

Wedding popper send off

Wedding popper send off

The most popular wedding reception favor is the Sparkler. The gold wedding sparkler, more specifically, is the most preferred reception sparkler. Sparklers can be used by guests when the bride and groom are making their exit from the wedding reception. The sparkler handle can also be inserted into the ground to line a sidewalk or walkway that the newlyweds will be using. All of these ideas make great photo opportunities!

Poppers and snaps have also been known to be used as reception favors. Poppers and snappers both make a popping noise and are also exciting ways to greet or send off a wedding couple. The confetti colors produced by poppers look great in pictures and add to the merriment of the wedding.