Wedding poppers

Champagne Wedding Poppers

Champagne Wedding Poppers Can Make Great Table Decorations!

Party Poppers have been known to be a big hit at birthday parties, New Year’s Eve parties, and graduation parties, however they are now becoming popularly used at weddings as well. They add color, noise, and bring cheer to any wedding celebration. Poppers are also known for creating laughter, amusement, and fun.

Wedding poppers can be used in many ways. They can be used before the wedding as well as at the actual event. For example, poppers are great to use at the wedding rehearsal when the bride and groom kiss and to cheer them on as they rehearse their walk down the isle. Champagne Wedding Poppers can also be used at wedding showers and after rehearsal dinner toasts.

Wedding poppers

The many uses of wedding poppers at the actual wedding and reception are abundant. Use Poppers instead of rice for a noisy, colorful, festive, and celebrated feel when the bridal party is coming out of the church. When using them specifically for color, they really add to the making of spectacular wedding pictures.

They can be used specifically for color at the wedding reception as well. Put them in a bowl as centerpieces on the tables or set poppers inside the centerpieces themselves. Guests can grab them at random or use them to cheer on a speaker at speech time.

Our Champagne Wedding Poppers were designed with the most elegant wedding in mind and they are a great alternative to sparklers for weddings. Silver confetti pops out when you pull the string. Scatter them on cocktail or reception tables with other decorations! Champagne Wedding Poppers are a fun way for the wedding party to give their toasts to the new couple. They are the perfect alternative for a grand exit when sparklers are not permitted.