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Special Event Decorations

Special Event Decorations that are Perfect for Holidays!

There are many holidays and special events around the world that use fireworks to celebrate.  When planning a special event of your own, you may choose to follow the theme of one of these holidays.  Your invitations, decorations and favors might reflect the colors and nationality of that holiday or special event.  Here are just a few world holiday that commonly use fireworks:

  • New Year’s Eve (worldwide)
  • Guy Fawkes Night (Great Britain) or known as Bonfire Night
  • Bastille Day (France)
  • Thrissur Pooram (India)
  • Independence Day (USA) or known as 4th of July
  • Victoria Day & Canada Day (Canada)
  • Diwali (India) or known as Festival of Lights

In our lives, we also enjoy celebrating special events such as marriages, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, retirements, and many more.

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Special Event Decorations – More Information

We suggest the use of sparklers, champagne poppers and pop pop snappers as decorations and favors at any of these special events. Here are a few ideas:

  • Champagne Poppers after a toast.  The perfect match for your champagne toast at a wedding reception, retirement party or engagement party.  Scatter enough poppers for everyone at the table and encourage them to pop just after a toast.
  • Sparklers at a 4th of July party.  Tie red, white and blue ribbons to the bottom of sparklers and put them on your picnic tables.  This will brighten up your table and guests can grab the sparklers to use any time during the party.
  • Snappers at a birthday party.  Especially for little boys, include a box of snappers in your favor bag for children to take home.

These are just a few ideas and we see new, creative ideas every day.  Use your creativity to make these favors the right touch for your special event.