VIP Gold Party Cake Sparklers

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Length: 6 inches  Burn time: 35-40 seconds  Sparks: 12 inches high  Color:  Gold

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Birthday Cake Sparklers are the perfect way to make your celebration sparkle!  Buy a few for small celebrations or order a case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices.  Easy to use and easy to light!  On Sale Now – No Coupon Needed!

Birthday Cake Sparklers One Carton 80 $134.06 $53.44
Birthday Cake Sparklers Two Packs 8 $12.50 $9.38

Light up Your Celebration

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Sparkle and Shine:  Our Birthday Cake Party Sparklers are the perfect topping for your cake or dessert presentation. Our Premium sparklers present a small fountain that can easily be inserted into a cake to present a dazzling display. A great idea to spice up your birthday or anniversary parties. These sparklers will dramatically light up your party! Buy a few for small celebrations or purchase a half or full case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices.

Step by Step:  Birthday Cake Party Sparklers are small fountain devices that you attach to the top of a cake or your favorite dessert. Insert the plastic tip into the top of the cake, then light the flat, white top of the tube with a lighter.  Be sure to lean away when lighting the top!

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Weight 34 lbs

ON SALE! All items 25% off – no coupon needed!


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