Safety Information For Sparklers and Poppers

Safety Tips for Using Sparklers, Champagne Party Poppers and Pop Pop Snappers

Safety precautions you should take when using any novelty item:

  1. Always read and follow label directions.
  2. Have an adult supervise use of all items. Items are not recommended for children under age 8.
  3. Store items away from all moisture. Products will last several years in a cool, dry place.
  4. Never throw or point items at other people.
  5. Never carry items in your pocket.
  6. Never place lit items in glass containers.

Sparkler Safety Tips:

  1. Only use outside.
  2. Test one sparkler before your event so you know what to expect.
  3. Light one sparkler at a time and NEVER light a bundle of sparklers at once.
  4. Use a lighter that keeps your hand away from the flame, such as a butane or barbecue lighter. Matches will not burn hot or long enough to light your sparklers.
  5. For Wedding Sparklers – Instruct guests to dip unlit sparklers into their neighbor’s lit sparklers to light up a crowd quickly.
  6. Always light the sparkler at the tip furthest away from the wire handle.
  7. Keep lit sparkler at arms length away from the face, body, or clothing of yourself or other people nearby.
  8. Do not try to re-ignite a sparkler or re-light a dud. Dispose of properly by soaking in water.
  9. Be sure to keep a lit sparkler away from flammable materials, such as gasoline, paper napkins, or tissues.
  10. Never grab a burned or burning portion of a sparkler.
  11. Keep water nearby (garden hose or bucket).
  12. Dispose used sparklers in a bucket of water or sand or on a metal tray. Once the sparkler cools then the sparkler wires can be thrown into the trash.

Champagne Poppers Safety Tips:

  1. Safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
  2. Point popper up and away from you and anyone standing near you.
  3. Pull string to release streamers and confetti.
  4. Do not try to reassemble a dud.

Pop Pop Snappers Safety:

  1. Recommended for only outdoor use.
  2. Toss snappers on ground away from your feet or anyone standing near you.
  3. Or stomp on snapper while wearing shoes with thick soles.