Birthday Cake Party Sparklers


Length: 6 inches

Burn time: 35-40 seconds

Sparks: 12 inches high

Color:  Gold

Number Per Order:  2 packs of 4 sparklers – (8 sparklers total)

SALE: All prices marked 25% off!

Birthday Cake Sparklers are the perfect way to make your celebration sparkle!  Buy a few for small celebrations or order a case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices.  Easy to use and easy to light!  On Sale Now – No Coupon Needed!

Light up Your Celebration

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Sparkle and Shine: Our Birthday Cake Party Sparklers are the perfect topping for your cake or dessert presentation. Our Premium sparklers present a small fountain that can easily be inserted into a cake to present a dazzling display.  A great idea to spice up your birthday or anniversary parties. These Birthday Party Cake Sparklers will dramatically light up your party! Buy a few for small celebrations or purchase a half or full case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices.  Lasting 45 seconds, you will have plenty of time to sing Happy Birthday and take amazing photos that will give you wonderful memories of that special day.


Step by Step:  Birthday Cake Party Sparklers are small fountain devices that you attach to the top of a cake or your favorite dessert. Insert the plastic tip into the top of the cake, then light the flat, white top of the tube with a lighter.  Be sure to lean away when lighting the top!  Unlike regular sparklers, our Birthday Cake Sparklers will not ash off and you do not have to worry about chemicals falling on your cake.  The plastic tube shoots sparklers straight in the air with very little smoke.  These differ from birthday candles and should NOT be blown out.  Blowing on the flame is hazardous.  Let the sparkler burn out on its own.

How Many Sparklers do I need?:  People are forgoing their birthday candles and replacing them with Birthday Cake Party Sparklers.  Depending on how big your cake is, a few should do the trick!  They produce a beautiful spray of sparks 6 – 8 inches in the air and create a magical moment!  One pack of 8 sparklers will light up a large cake.  Order cake sparklers today and create a celebration that will be remembered forever!

Weight 34 oz


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