VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers


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Length: 6 inches
Burn time: 35-40 seconds
Sparks: 12 inches high
Color:  Gold

SALE: All prices marked 25% off!

Gold Champagne Bottle Sparklers for VIP champagne bottle service at nightclubs, bars and restaurants or private celebrations, too.  Buy a few for small celebrations or order a case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices.  Easy to use and fit perfectly into our Safety Bottle Clips for an impressive display!  On Sale Now – No Coupon Needed!


Light up Your VIP Nightclub Bottle Service!

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Sparkle and Shine:  VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers are perfect for nightclubs, bars and restaurants or private celebrations, too. A great idea to spice up your cocktail parties and outdoor receptions and parties! These sparklers will dramatically light up your party! Buy a few for small celebrations or purchase a half or full case to take advantage of wholesale discount prices. 

Our sparklers are specifically designed to last longer, produce very little smoke, emit low pyrotechnic odor and the sparks shoot straight in the air versus out to the side which makes them safer for use in crowded areas.   We have worked very closely with our manufacturer to create the highest quality bottle sparkler, making BuySparklers.com the preferred choice for bars, restaurants and clubs!


Step by Step:  Our VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers are small fountain devices that you attach to the top of a champagne bottle. Insert the plastic tip into the top of an open bottle. OR use our Safety Bottle Clips to clip on the side of the bottle neck.  Then light the flat, white top of the tube with a BBQ lighter.  Be sure to lean away when lighting the top!  Once lit, our sparklers create a spectacular spray of lights shooting 6 – 8 inches in the air.   Champagne Bottle Sparklers are a great way to create an amazing, unforgettable experience.  When lit, sparklers create a fantastic display of lights – the effect simply dazzling!

Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips:  We now offer a plastic double safety clip which truly makes bottle sparklers safe for your customers and staff!  You can attach our safety clip to the neck of the bottle and clip the champagne bottle sparkler to it.  You do not have to have to rely on rubber bands or tape to secure our bottle sparklers anymore! 

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions N/A
Champagne Bottle Variation

Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers – Full Case (640), Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers – Half Case (320), Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers – One Carton (80), Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers – Two Cartons (160), Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers – Two Packs of 4 Sparklers (8)

11 reviews for VIP Gold Champagne Bottle Service Sparklers

  1. Nick R.

    As a nightclub owner, I am always looking for new ways to bring in crowds and these are the perfect addition to any bottle service program! I am 100% sold on buying my sparklers from here!

  2. Ricky M.

    This is the best quality product on the market for Champagne Bottle Sparklers! I have enjoyed working alongside BuySparklers for several years and highly recommend them for your club or venue!

  3. Brooke P.

    We bought these sparklers for the waiters to bring out in the champagne bottles at our wedding reception – it was so cool watching them enter the room to pour champagne with sparks flying out of the bottles! This is a great way to make a huge impression on your guests!

  4. Ashley P.

    I ordered these for my boyfriend’s birthday cake and they were the highlight of the night! Everyone kept talking about how awesome they were!

  5. Matt B.

    They never fail to bring amazement. We carry them through the club with every bottle order. Everyone stares at the brilliant sparkling trail. I highly recommend them to all clubs – the quality is outstanding!

  6. Manny G.

    Bought these for bottle service to use at my club in Houston – I was so impressed with their customer service and how quickly they arrived. It is extremely refreshing to finally work with a great company! I will only purchase from BuySparklers going forward!

  7. David Calhoun

    These sparklers have been amazing for my VIP Service! I appreciate the quickness in which they are shipped out. My staff has forgotten to order and the customer service at Buysparklers has always come through for me to get my order in time for big events. Great company and excellent service!

  8. Julian T.

    I switched to BuySparklers several months ago because they always answer the phone and are so helpful and nice when I call. Customer service is so important to me and it is very refreshing to talk to Nicole when I place my order. Their sparklers are amazing and I am so happy that I made the switch!!

  9. Jonny R.

    I can’t say enough great things about this company and their sparklers! They are simply a joy to work with!

  10. Mary

    I ordered these for my mom’s 80th birthday party and they were absolutely perfect! I was worried I would not get them in time as I ordered them at the last minute but they shipped quickly and the product was exactly as described. The sparklers were beautiful on her 6 layer cake and made for a wonderful picture as they sparkled while we sang happy birthday! They were a huge hit! Thank you for making my mom’s birthday cake extra special with sparkle! -Mary (Dallas, Texas)

  11. Cambri N. – Jake’s Cantina

    I have been ordering Bottle Sparklers from BuySparklers.com for many years and love the quality of the sparklers as well the fantastic customer service. The sparklers are always a big hit and my customers LOVE seeing one coming out with their bottle service.

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