Diwali Discount Party Pack

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Contents: 72 #14 inch sparklers, 5 small boxes of snappers, 72 party poppers

This assortment has plenty of items for a Diwali party of 20-30 people.  This party pack is convenient one-stop-shopping for your Diwali celebration.  These are the same high quality products as our #14 Gold Party Sparklers, Pop Pop Snappers and Champagne Party Poppers. Diwali sparklers, champagne poppers and snappers are a great alternative for fireworks at your celebration!  

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A Great Selection for Your Diwali Party! Sparklers, Poppers and Snappers!

Plan for a Large Diwali Party: If you are inviting many friends, family and neighbors to your home to celebrate Diwali, our Diwali Discount Party Pack is a great choice!  These items have been conveniently bundled together to help you with your party planning.  With 1, 2 or 3 orders, you will have lots of sparklers, poppers and snappers to share with guests. 


Diwali Discount Party Pack items:
– 1 dozen boxes of #14 Gold Sparklers (72 sparklers )
– 5 boxes of Pop Pop Snappers (50 snappers in each box)
– 1 carton of Champagne Party Poppers (72 poppers in the carton).

Light Sparklers Quickly:  For best results, light the first sparklers with a butane or barbecue lighter (a match isn’t strong enough). Then guests can dip unlit sparklers into a lit sparkler to pass quickly through the crowd. For champagne poppers, point them up and away when pulling string. For snappers, throw only onto ground.


Friendly Reminder:  These novelties are recommended for outdoor use, although the champagne party poppers are safe for indoor use. Adults should always supervise children with these items.  We do not recommend them for children under 8 years old.

An Annual Diwali Tradition:  In India, and other communities around the world, Diwali is the biggest of all Hindu festivals.  It follows the lunar calendar, which means that the festival doesn’t happen on the exact same day each year.  It does fall sometime in October or early November.  Known as the “Festival of Lights,” it started as a harvest festival in India marking the last harvest of the year before winter.  People would seek a blessing from Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, by celebrating with family, sharing sweets and inviting Lakshmi into their homes by leaving a lamp burning in an open door or open window.  Large fireworks displays are enjoyed through out India and sparklers are popularly used in the United States at community and family celebrations.

Weight 4.25 oz
Dimensions 14 × 3 × 3 in

4 reviews for Diwali Discount Party Pack

  1. Samir M.

    This is the best bang for Diwali – you get sparklers, snappers and poppers! We celebrate Diwali with several families, so I always order numerous Discount Party Packs. Love the quality of BuySparklers products.

  2. Geetha K.

    This is the best party pack and our family looks forward to receiving it every year! It is perfect for 2 small families.

  3. Bhanu A.

    We have been buying the Diwali Party Pack for 9 years and recommend it to all our friends. It is the perfect combination to celebrate Diwali. Our children especially love the snappers and we always order extra. Great company and excellent customer service!

  4. Prita G.

    The first time I ordered a double order for Diwali thinking it would be plenty – but my children had a blast with them and we ran out to fast. Now I order 4 quantities to make sure our celebration is magical! I highly recommend the Discount Party Pack!

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