#36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers

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Length: 36 inches
Burn Time: 4 min
Number per Order: 24 (4 boxes of 6)

SALE cost per sparkler: $1.13

Don’t settle for other inferior 36-inch sparklers that actually burn for less than 3 minutes! The results of our secret shopper test showed us that our #36 sparklers are the brightest and burn the longest – the best quality you can find in the USA. Make a big impression with family, friends and guests with our 36-inch Gold Party Sparklers!

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These #36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers Burn Bright for 4 minutes!

Best Quality in USA:  36 inches long and burns for 4 glorious minutes – don’t be fooled by other “#36-inch” sparklers that actually burn for less than 3 minutes!


Results from our Secret Shopper:  We secret shopped our competitors and found that our sparklers are the highest quality available in the US.  Our sparklers have the strongest wires, burn the brightest and longest – 4 minutes! – and are packed the most secure to keep them safe from damage in transit.  Other websites advertise #36-inch sparklers that have thinner wires, less powder down the length of the wire, thinner layers of powder on the wire and are loosely packaged for shipping.  You simply cannot find a better quality sparkler anywhere else!


Make a Big Impression: Family, friends and guests will be impressed and have fun with our #36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers.  They are a breathtaking addition to any event. These long stem sparklers are the same quality product as our #36 Inch Gold Wedding Sparklers. Celebrate your next event or party with sparklers to create a warm, energetic atmosphere.

Favors for any Party or Holiday:  Try these sparklers as favors at birthday parties, anniversaries, Quinceaneras or Sweet Sixteen celebrations.   And don’t forget Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Plan to light the first sparklers with a butane or barbecue lighter (a match isn’t strong enough). Then guests can dip unlit sparklers into a lit sparkler to pass quickly through the crowd.  Sparklers light very quickly from sparkler to sparkler.  Plan on having a metal bucket nearby filled with water or sand so the wires can be disposed of safely.


Friendly Reminders: These long stem sparklers are recommended for outside use only.  Hold them at arm’s length when burning.  Adults should supervise children and they are not recommended for children under age 8.

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 36 × 5 × 1 in

5 reviews for #36 Inch Gold Party Sparklers

  1. Chris S.

    Nicole, You are the best! You have made my fiancee very happy. Thank You again!

  2. Lauren F.

    Thank you, Nicole!! Your sparklers were absolutely AMAZING!!!

    Excellent customer service on your part

  3. Tamara G.

    Oh my goodness….I just checked my email and sooooo excited the sparklers already shipped out!!!! I can’t wait to get them! Thanks so much Nicole! You are the best!

  4. Jamie H.

    Yay….thanks for saving the day by allowing us to get the items we needed within hours!!!

  5. Kelly M.

    Your sparklers were amazing!!!

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