#20 Inch Gold Party Sparklers

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(7 customer reviews)

Length: 20 inches
Burn Time: 2 minutes
Number per Order: 48 (4 boxes of 12)

SALE cost per sparkler: .51 cents

BuySparklers only carries the best and brightest gold sparklers available in the USA – our secret shopper confirmed it! Your parties will sparkle with our 20-inch Gold Sparklers. They are beautiful and sure to be the highlight of your celebration. Party Sparklers create a gorgeous glow that is especially wonderful for photographs.

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Gorgeous Sparklers for Your Party!

Your Celebration Will Sparkle! Our #20 Inch Gold Party Sparklers are beautiful and they are sure to be the highlight of your special event.  Sparklers create a gorgeous glow that is especially wonderful for photographs.  BuySparklers.com carries the brightest and best quality sparklers in the USA – our secret shopper confirmed it!  Celebrate with #20 inch gold party sparklers at your party!

Tips for Lighting Sparklers: Our sparklers feature Easy-Lite (TM) tips which are a special innovation that helps you light up sparklers faster and easier.  You can spot the Easy-Lite tips by looking for the dark tip at the top of each wire sparkler – it’s almost black.  Use lighters to light the first sparklers and then guests can dip unlit sparklers into lit sparklers.  They are very easy to light off each other!  Once you light our sparklers, you will see why we are the preferred place to buy sparklers online!


Favors for Any Party: Stock up on #20 Inch Gold Party Sparklers to hand out as a favors for your next holiday or gathering.   Don’t forget Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve! Your guests will be thrilled to participate and they will have lasting memories of all the fun. These wholesale sparklers are packaged in a festive blue box with red, white, yellow and black print.


Glittering Photographs: Take lots of pictures of your friends  with sparklers at your party!  Cell phone selfies are fun to post on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.  Don’t forget to tag us @BuySparklers or #partysparklers.  Send us your best photo and we will give you a shout out on our social media.


Friendly Reminders: The #20 Inch Gold Party Sparklers are recommended for outside use only.  Hold at arm’s length when burning.  Adults should supervise children and sparklers are not recommended for children under age 8.  It is best to have a metal bucket of sand or water nearby for guests to place their hot sparkler in to prevent burns or injuries.


Weight 4.2 oz
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 1 in

7 reviews for #20 Inch Gold Party Sparklers

  1. Dianne J.

    Nicole, Thanks for all your help – You are great! The sparklers were a huge hit!

  2. Cindie P.

    The sparklers were absolutely fabulous!!!!

  3. Princess M.

    I had a totally groovy 1970s celebration complete with disco balls, lava lamps, 45 records, typewriters, polaroid cameras, etc. Everyone lit sparklers and all of the party attendees were singing happy birthday to me along with Stevie Wonder’s version of “Happy Birthday.” It was my favorite moment of my month-long celebration.

  4. Mary M.

    Your sparklers are outstanding!! I bought the 2 minute sparklers for my daughters wedding. It seems they last longer lol. They are bright and well made!

  5. Holly F.

    You guys definitely have the brightest sparklers! As a photographer, I love using them and people love getting the pictures done!

  6. Luisa R.

    Our guests had so much fun with the sparklers – they were a perfect for our exit!

  7. Debbie D.

    Loved the sparklers from BuySparklers.com! They were absolutely gorgeous and performed exactly how the website said they would. I recommend them to all my friends who are getting married.

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