#14 Inch Neon Diwali Sparklers

$8.34 $6.25

Length: 14 inches

Burn time: 1.5 minutes

Number per order: 20 sparklers (5 sleeves of 4 sparklers)  Each sleeve contains 1 neon green, 1 neon pink, 1 neon blue and 1 neon orange sparkler

SALE cost per sparkler: .31 cents


A great addition to Diwali parties and celebrations!  The neon sparklers are bright and fun for a burst of color to your event.  Each sleeve contains 4 different colored neon sparklers – green, pink, blue and orange.   We suggest at least 2 sparklers per person, but 3 or 4 for everyone is lots of fun!


When lit, the sparklers will glow a neon color – the sparks itself will not be colored.  Please note that these sparklers will produce more smoke than our traditional sparklers – we DO NOT recommend them for weddings.


On Sale Now – No Coupon Needed!

Excellent and Bright:  These #14 Inch Neon Diwali Sparklers are the perfect addition to your Diwali celebration.  The festive, neon colored sparklers will bring fun to your Diwali event this year.   Since these sparklers burn a neon color, they will produce more smoke than the traditional wire sparklers.  The sparks will not be colored, just the flame will be a neon color.


The Best Part of your Diwali Party:  Sparklers are always a huge hit of any party, but surprise guests this year with our new Neon Sparklers to celebrate Diwali.   So, don’t wait until the last minute to order!  Give us plenty of time to  ship to your location and then check it off your list as you plan out all the other details!


Friendly Reminders: Sparklers are for outside use only.  Adults should always supervise children and they are not recommended for children under 8 years old.  We also suggest that you provide a metal bucket of sand or water off to the side for safe disposal.


Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 14 × 5.75 × 1.5 in


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