#14 Inch Gold Diwali Sparklers

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Length: 14 inches

Burn time: 1.5 minutes

Number per order: 72 (12 boxes of 6)

SALE cost per sparkler: .27 cents

A favorite choice for Diwali parties and celebrations!  Families love this size of sparklers, especially to share with friends and loved ones.  They are easy to light and everyone’s face beams with beautiful smiles in photographs.  We suggest at least 2 sparklers per person, but 3 or 4 for everyone is lots of fun!

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Excellent and Bright:  These 14 Inch Gold Diwali Sparklers are the perfect addition to your Diwali celebration.  This size is a favorite for families and is very favorable for your budget!  Made with a sturdy metal wire, these sparklers light up the night!  Our #14 Inch Gold Diwali Sparklers produce very little smoke and will not ash off making them much safer than the traditional bamboo sparkler.


The Best Part of your Diwali Party: #14 Inch Gold Diwali Sparklers will be the favorite part of your Diwali celebration or party and your guests will have so much fun celebrating the Festival of Lights together.  So, don’t wait until the last minute to order!  Give us plenty of time to  ship to your location and then check it off your list as you plan out all the other details!  Be sure to get on our Preferred Client list to receive special Diwali Discounts.


Friendly Reminders: Sparklers are for outside use only.  Adults should always supervise children with sparklers and they are not recommended for children under 8 years old.  We also suggest that you provide a metal bucket of sand or water off to the side for safe disposal to prevent burns or injuries.


Diwali Filled with Blessings and Joy:  Diwali is celebrated by millions of Hindus around the world each fall, yet filled with diversity as each community enjoys their own traditions.  It is a very joyful occasion with a common theme of good over evil and light over darkness.  It is said that on this day, Lord Rama was returning to his hometown of Ayodhya and the people lit lamps in every home to celebrate his victory over the demon king Ravana.  They danced and lit firecrackers to express their joy.  Sparklers are a small but symbolic way to continue the joyful tradition!

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 14 × 5.75 × 1.5 in

5 reviews for #14 Inch Gold Diwali Sparklers

  1. Manish G.

    This was my first year to order from BuySparklers and I will definitely be back next Diwali. The sparklers were better than we were getting in the past. Great product!!

  2. Ketan P.

    BuySparklers has the best Diwali sparklers! They ship out so fast and I love that Nicole is always so helpful in making sure the crackers arrive in time for our celebration!

  3. Shiriam K.

    Your sparklers are always so much fun at our Diwali celebrations! Thank you for having quick shipping !

  4. Ashish M.

    Thanks Nicole! You can be sure that you’ll get a repeat order from me Next Diwali 🙂 Your personal attention is appreciated!

  5. Venkata Rao

    Best Diwali Sparklers at reasonable and competitive pricing and super fast shipping and I am placing order third time. Very happy about personal attention of Nicole for my recent order. Thanks for great shopping experience and colorful sparklers and particularly pop pop snappers my kids enjoyed so much.

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