Kissing under a sparkler exit

How to End your Wedding Reception

Brides spend countless hours planning every last detail for their wedding, but one question that keeps popping up is how to let guests know when the fun is ending.  While you don’t want your venue to start flickering the lights, there are some very tactful ways to let your guests know the reception is ending soon.  We have the perfect solution on how to end your wedding reception!

Kissing under a sparkler exit


The easiest way to end your perfect wedding is to have  Sparkler Exit.  You can have your wedding planner, DJ or a friend ask your guests to start heading outdoors and to grab a sparkler next to the exit and form 2 lines on either side of the walkway.  Your guests will start gathering their items and start mingling outside until the sparkler magic happens.  The sparklers look absolutely stunning in photos and guests will be thrilled to a part of your grand exit.

Whether you choose our #20 Inch Wedding Sparklers or our lovely #36 Inch Wedding Sparklers, guests know the party is coming to an end.  Have your helpers lined up with BBQ or butane lighters to start lighting sparklers to make the magic begin.

A glamorous sparkler exit adds warmth to your wedding and brings smiles to your guests!