Dorothy Said It Best: “There’s No Place Like Home!”

It’s funny how one little word can carry such powerful sentiments… just one syllable, four little letters: HOME! Especially during the current “social distancing” climate, it has come to mean SO much more than just a place to “put your stuff.”

For many – regardless of any temporary circumstances – “home” represents safety, comfort, a welcome sanctuary. For others, it proudly stands as a sense of financial security. For some, it’s less about a physical location, and more about WHO may be at “home.” And, right now, “home” can double for schools, churches, offices, gyms, parks, restaurants, studios, concert halls, and a whole garden variety of other locales!

Bottom line, Dorothy Gale got it right, when she kept repeating the magical phrase: “There’s no place like home.” And, she isn’t alone in her emotional feeling; consider how many sentimental or holiday songs either have “home” in their title, or evoke some halcyon memories of a place called “home!”

Think about it…aside from those ironically-comical ones, most mats placed prominently outside the primary point of entry echo some message akin to “WELCOME.” We even tend to call them “welcome mats!” The “proper” name – door mat – carries a fairly negative connotation. Let’s face it, NO ONE wants to be considered a “door mat!”

Home simply equals “welcome,” as does the whole idea of a “homecoming.” And, coming back to a somewhere that represents (or even represented at some fond point in the past), is a warm and positive occasion… WORTHY of celebration!

And, what better way to mark this special moment, than with something that “sparkles,” as much as the idea of “home” makes YOUR heart “sparkle”?!?

Welcome Home

Let’s start with those who valiantly serve on the front lines, and face risks daily. Whether a member of the armed forces, returning from a deployment, or someone who has been serving in a self-quarantined position, their return to home DESERVES some serious fanfare!


And, if your essential workers are still not “home” yet, consider sending them a Sparkler Bouquet, like one of recent clients did! Not only will it add a smile to their day, but their fellow front-line workers can ALSO get the emotional benefits of some added “sparkle” to their lives! Just give us a call or drop us an email, and we can handle everything from there. Of course, if a loved one has been confined to a hospital with illness, THEIR homecoming should be accompanied not only by relief, but some “razzle dazzle!”


Another major “life event” is also worthy of celebration… getting the keys to your OWN home! Even now – when Realtors and their teams may be performing “virtual” closings – you obviously HAVE the new homeowners’ address, so why not send a congratulatory gift with some “pizzazz”? And, if you traditionally send a bottle of something “bubbly,” we’ve got you covered there, too!


Just as we all know, “There’s no place like home,” there’s nothing quite like SPARKLERS to celebrate returning home. Even Dorothy appreciated the value of a little “sparkle!”