Helpful Hints for Wedding Sparklers

From the Experts! Using Sparklers at Weddings and other Special Events:

Sparklers are safe and can be used at formal events such as weddings. For safe use, we have the following suggestions:

girl1. Check with your venue first.

Please check with your venue coordinator to see if sparklers are permitted. Most locations won’t mind you using them outside, but it’s best to ask first!

2. Buy quality metal wire sparklers.

Use any of our sparklers made out of metal wire (Heart Sparklers, #10, #14, #20, #36), do not buy bamboo stick sparklers. Bamboo sparklers produce significantly more smoke and will ash off as they burn down the stick. They can be very messy and are not recommended for formal occasions.

3. Use helpers!

Coach a team of helpers to hand out and light sparklers. Give them BBQ lighters to light the first few sparklers. Then have guests dip unlit sparklers into lit sparklers. ALSO coach them to hold sparklers UP and AWAY.

4. Create and control the moment.

If doing a “tunnel” of sparklers for the bride and groom to run under for their exit…keep the crowd a little more than an arm’s length away. It’s more for show than to literally make a tunnel. A wide tunnel also gives the bride & groom enough room to “dash” out without bending over. This will help you get great pictures.

5. Consult your photographer.

Let your photographer know when and where you are using sparklers. They can be ready to capture the moment…or to stage a few pictures just before or just after the big exit.

6. Dispose properly.

Again, use your team of helpers to make sure sparklers are properly disposed. The metal wires will be hot for a few minutes after burning. You should have metal buckets or trays nearby filled with water or sand so the wires can be discarded safely.

Looking for more helpful information for your send off?

Check out the blog posts linked below. We talked with wedding planners and photographers who also have lots of experience with setting up and photographing sparkler exits.