Wedding Kiss with Sparklers

Gold Sparklers

Gold Sparklers are beautiful and they are very popular for special occasions, especially weddings and wedding receptions. Gold Sparklers spray beautiful sparks of gold that shimmer under the night sky and create dramatic lighting for your celebration.

Gold sparklers emit golden sparks that create a golden glow.  They are available in several sizes.  You can choose between small, medium and large sparklers for your event.  Small sparklers usually measure either 8 or 10 inches long.  Medium sparklers will measure 14 and 20 inches in length.  And super large sparklers measure a whopping 36 inches long!  The longer the sparkler, the longer the glow.

Before lighting a gold wire sparkler, the wire rod is a silver-gray color.  The wire rod is dipped into a chemical compound which will burn and create sparks when lit.  Some customers call us looking for silver sparklers, but “gold” is the industry standard for describing sparklers.  When lit, the metal rod burns white hot and golden sparks fly off the wire.

Wedding Kiss with Sparklers

Gold Sparklers for Weddings – More Information

Gold Sparklers are often used at weddings.  They are unique party favors and they create an elegant glow after dark.  Guests especially love to participate in the newly-married couple’s grand exit from their wedding reception.  is known as the “wedding” sparkler.  As the couple makes a mad dash for the limo or get-away car, they run through a tunnel of sparklers. This creates a magical photo opportunity and brides often finish their wedding albums with this special moment.  

We recommend 14 inch, 20 inch and 36 inch gold sparklers for weddings because they give more time for photographers.