Diwali group holding sparklers

Diwali 2015

Diwali is right around the corner and we have been busy gearing up for this season!  With the launch of our new website earlier this year, we needed to input ALL of our past Diwali customers into our database to make ordering a SNAP this year!    For all of our past customers, just use your email that you always use and all of your information will be there.

There is plenty of time to place your order for Diwali and have your sparklers arrive on time.  We can usually get sparklers anywhere in the continental US within 3 – 5 business days.  Please remember that we can not expedite shipping since sparklers are flammable and can’t go on a plane.

Diwali group holding sparklers


Our Diwali Discount Party Pack is back this year and is always a favorite for celebrations!  The pack has 72 of our #14 Gold Diwali Sparklers, 72 Party Poppers  and 5 boxes of Pop Pop Snappers.   We also are fully stocked and have #36 Diwali Sparklers, #20 Diwali Sparklers and #10 Diwali Sparklers ready to be shipped out.

I love this time of year – it is so nice to hear from all of you!!

If you have any questions about what size sparkler to order, call 210-250-0520.