Red yellow and green party poppers

Champagne Poppers

Champagne poppers are also known as party poppers.  They have a string attached inside of a “bottle” shaped container (resembling a “champagne bottle”) made of plastic.  When the string is pulled, the popper releases tiny rolls of paper confetti and paper streamers with a big bang!

Champagne poppers are fun for birthday parties and all kinds of celebrations.  They double as a great table decoration.  Champagne party poppers are manufactured with bright, colorful wrappers and will fit most party themes.  You can scatter them on tables or fill up a large glass bowl or vase so guests can grab them by the handful.  Poppers are fun for children over age 8 but should always be used with adult supervision.

Poppers, however, aren’t just for kids! Use them to celebrate New Year’s Eve, engagement parties, wedding receptions, a football bowl game or the Super bowl, and graduations just to name a few.  They are small and portable – easy to take to a friend’s house, the park or a restaurant.  Champagne Popper’s make it easy to take the party with you to any location.


Red yellow and green party poppers

Red yellow and green party poppers

Champagne Party Poppers – More Information

Champagne Party Poppers are categorized as novelties by the federal government.  They are not not in the same category as fireworks and other pyrotechnics.  Poppers are permitted to be shipped by ground shipping services, but cannot be shipped by any type of air transport.