Bottle Service for Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs

Picture this:

You meet with a group of your best friends at an exclusive nightclub to celebrate a special evening and request a VIP Table. The wait staff asks what your table would like to drink. Everyone shouts for champagne! At your request, the attendant walks to the back to prepare the presentation.

Bottle Sparklers

Surprise! The wait staff arrives minutes later with bright, illuminating, and eye-catching sparklers presented on top of your champagne bottle. Wow! The group is so impressed with the presentation of champagne bottle sparklers that they’re eager to order a few more just to see the light show again. Even the tables nearby want to order a few bottle sparklers for themselves!


When it comes to event sparklers, BuySparklers.com offers bottle sparklers for your guests to celebrate any occasion, or just for the fun of it! Restaurant, bar, and nightclub owners who offer a bottle service use our VIP Champagne Bottle Sparklers as the perfect way to create a premium, five-star experience.

Lighting the sparkler

Typically, bottle sparklers in bulk are ordered along with Safety Clips that hold two Bottle Sparklers at once. The easy-to-use design lets you snap in two champagne sparklers quickly and securely to a bottle, present it, then simply remove the clip for sparkler disposal.  Bottle Service Sparklers make for the perfect investment and indoor marketing tool for owners looking to promote their bottle service, especially because it stands out so well in dimly lit areas!


For questions about the use of our sparklers at your restaurant, bar, or nightclub, such as safety precautions and purchasing bulk sparklers, call us at 888-990-8939 or email us at info@buysparklers.com. We would be more than happy to help you get your next event ready with the best bottle sparklers around!

“Bought these for bottle service to use at my club in Houston – I was so impressed with their customer service and how quickly they arrived. It is extremely refreshing to finally work with a great company! I will only purchase from BuySparklers going forward!” – Manny G.

couple at night club with bottle sparkler

“I have been ordering Bottle Sparklers from BuySparklers.com for many years and love the quality of the sparklers as well the fantastic customer service. The sparklers are always a big hit and my customers LOVE seeing one coming out with their bottle service.” – Cambi N.

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