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Picture this:

You are sitting in a darkly lit club one Saturday evening, perhaps celebrating a friend’s engagement or for an impromptu girl’s night out. One of the wait staff brings over a bottle of champagne. Not just any bottle of champagne though – this one is sparkling, flickering, flashing in the dark. How much better is a bottle of champagne with a sparkler atop? We know you must be dying to find out. 

BuySparklers.com offers Bottle Sparklers for any celebration under the sun. They are a perfect addition for night club owners who offer a bottle service and want a way to enliven the club experience. When you sell a single bottle with our sparkler included that sale can quickly turn into many additional tables requesting a bottle. The Bottle Sparkler effect is irresistible! 

We know that you may not always want to go to a club to have a VIP experience. This is why we have implemented a way to bring the party to your own front door. BuySparklers.com sells smaller packages including a set of just eight sparklers. If you are simply looking to spice up an event at your home and surprise your friends, what better way than providing a personal light show? Bring a bottle of your favorite bubbly to the next soiree and ensure a dramatic and memorable delivery with the Bottle Sparkler attached.

couple at night club with bottle sparkler

Think about doubling the fun when you use our Safety Clips that hold two Bottle Sparklers at once. The easy-to-use design lets you snap in two champagne bottle sparklers quickly and securely to a bottle. It’s an even bigger impact for your special night! 

When lit, sparklers create a fantastic display of light spurting from the bottle – the effect is simply dazzling. So wherever you decided to use these sparklers, whether at your nightclub, bar, restaurant, event or party, we guarantee a breathtaking display.