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Make your Wedding Sparkle With Our One-Of-A-Kind Premium Sparklers.

Your wedding should be as unique as you are!


BuySparklers.com has  been selling sparklers since 2003 and have provided beautiful, memorable experiences for thousands of weddings and events.   As a small business, we know how important quality and customer service are.  We are thrilled to help make your grand wedding exit magical!  Our wedding day sparklers are hand selected for brightness and length of burn to maximize the beauty of your special day.  This is an important day so don’t rely on a cheaper sparkler that will not perform.


We offer the highest quality sparkler you can buy and are guaranteed to add a little more magic to your special day!


We also carry Wedding Poppers, VIP Champagne Sparklers and Party Snappers too!

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Don’t Skip the Send-Off

We’ve all seen weddings in movies. There’s something heartwarming and joyous about the bride and groom, hand in hand, leaving the wedding while their loved ones celebrate around them. A well-planned wedding exit adds some flair to the wedding day and provides a wonderful photo opportunity. Adding a simple prop like sparklers will help create a magical and dreamlike moment, a perfect end to your perfect day.


Don’t Take Any Risk!

Nobody wants last minute surprises on their wedding day. You’ve spent months imagining the perfect day and nothing should spoil it, especially not a faulty sparkler. Imagine this – it’s your long awaited wedding day. Your bridal party has their sparklers in hand, ready for the perfect exit. Your photographer is ready. And, the sparkler doesn’t light. Or it droops. Or it doesn’t last more than 10 seconds.


People and Products You Can Trust

Our sparklers are highly recommended by wedding professionals because they trust our promise on quality and performance.  Click over to our event gallery to see our brightest sparklers in action.

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Sparklers In Action

Make Your Event A Night To Remember

Are you looking to add some sparkle to your next event? BuySparklers online offers high quality wedding sparklers, Diwali sparklers, pop pop party snappers, wedding poppers and bottle sparklers for weddings, anniversaries, holidays or any other special occasion. For unique wedding ideas, romantic ideas, quinceañera themes, sweet sixteen themes, anniversary ideas or unique wedding pictures, consider adding sparklers to your celebration.


Our wedding sparklers feature a thick wire that will withstand a wedding tunnel or a similar activity you may want to photograph. You don’t want a weak wire that will bend and set somebody on fire. While no sparkler is truly “smoke free”, we guarantee that ours has minimal smoke. And you can believe the burn time on our sparklers – if we say a sparkler will burn for a minute and a half, that is exactly how long they’ll burn. Our sparklers are double dipped for extra brightness and a longer burn time.

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Helpful Hints

There can be a lot of surprises on your wedding day, don’t let your exit be a surprise. Sparklers can be a fun way to add excitement to your wedding exit. For a beautiful and safe wedding exit, and to create an amazing experience we offer the following wedding suggestions

Plan your celebration with safety in mind! Sparklers can be a fun way to add excitement to your special day. Please read our safety tips for using sparklers, champagne party poppers and pop pop snappers to ensure your event turns out fabulous.  We offer the following suggestions

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  • Best Size Sparklers for Weddings Sparklers are great items for events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, prom, and receptions. They add a spark (literally and figuratively) to any occasion. Sparklers are especially useful for wedding sendoffs when newlyweds make that grand exit that makes the......

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BuySparklers.com partners with FedEx Ground to ship Sparklers anywhere in the Continental United States, EXCLUDING Canada, Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii. Because the sparklers are flammable they are not allowed on a plane, therefore we are not able to expedite or overnight any packages.  Shipping is available Monday through Friday. More information is available on our Shipping Info Page including holidays and local pickup information.